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Pastoral Letters #4

In this series, Rev. Candy Liong shares about Holy Communion and how we will prepare for our first ever Online Holy Communion. Special appearance from Sis. Mui Lang. Find out what’s been happening this past week in Church.

Pastoral Letters #2

Dear brothers and sisters in ChristWarmest Greetings of Love and Peace from all your pastors. Today, we begin a new month and the extension of the MCO. Life is still uncertain but our hope in Christ remains unchanged. As we read the news of the pandemic, it doesn’t seem to get better and maybe for …

Pastoral Letters #1

Dear brothers and sisters in ChristVery sadly the MCO has been extended to 14 April but we still have to do our part by staying at home. This past week, many of us have been able to spend time with our family members in doing things together, in reading God’s word, praying and worshipping together. …